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Meet Terry Hord, MS Advocate & MSCA Patient

I have been a patient at MSCA since 2001 when it opened. What stood out the most was the friendliness of the staff and their dedication to treating patients with a difficult disease. They were professional and compassionate and listened to my needs. MSCA is like a family - living with a chronic illness is difficult, but having professionals that care allows you to have the confidence that you are getting the best possible care.

Meet Terry Hord, MS Advocate & MSCA Patient

My twin sister, Tammy, and I were happy, healthy, and active children, yet there were symptoms and signs of MS as young as 10 years old. We both had terrible tingling and pain in our legs after playing as kids, and as teenagers, we found it difficult to complete the warmup running laps around the football field on our tennis team.

As we grew older and went to college, our symptoms changed and increased. We learned to deal with fatigue, body tingling, and visual changes. The following years were filled with significant moments for the two of us – marriage, the birth of our children, and the forever life-changing diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Bill’s since before he started The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Atlanta. The benefit of being a patient at MSCA is the access to resources at the Center and within the community – social services, research, and a team of professionals who care. I recommend MSCA because they can provide cutting-edge treatments and strategies for living well with multiple sclerosis.

I am so grateful to MSCA for listening to my needs and having medical professionals that continue to help me with my lifelong journey of living with a chronic illness. I hope you’ll join me in donating to MSCA through their supporting foundation, Atlanta Neuroscience Foundation and helping patients like me!


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