Providing Cutting Edge Care

The staff is kind, professional, and knowledgeable in their [specialty] areas. Medically, the doctors use evidence-based practice in providing cutting-edge care. Excellent care and a tremendous health resource.


All Your Care Needs in One Place

I have been a patient at Atlanta Neuroscience Institute for about 9 years. I love the fact that any services I need are available right there. Routine appointments must be scheduled in advance several months but emergency appointments related to relapses are scheduled quickly. The staff is always courteous. I am so glad I am a patient here, I just wish I had been a patient when I first received my diagnosis!


Over 15 Years and Still Going Strong

I have been seeing Dr. Doug Stuart since I was diagnosed in 2006. It’s been almost 15 years and I still continue to drive an hour to see him and will continue to as long as I am able to.

- Kristi

They Saved My Life

After suffering for many years with what I call a variety of odd symptoms, Dr. Jay Singh recommended I get an appt with Dr. Douglas Stuart; they both saved my life. I was treated with respect, and finally diagnosed, and was able to get some control of my life again. Yes, it's still a rough journey, but I feel like they improved my outlook in a manner I was able to understand and work with on a day-to-day basis. I owe great gratitude to Atlanta Neuroscience Institute, and Dr. D. Stuart and his awesome staff for all they do. Please donate if you can, they do a lot for as many people as possible with what you share with them!

- Beverly

I Feel Empowered to Fight My MS

This will be the ONLY place I go for treatment ever as they are beyond phenomenal! Before I left my appointment, I had MRIs of my spine set up, my first round of steroid IV treatment done, and my next appointment was scheduled. This is truly a specialist office that caters to, teaches, and informs patients, not to mention actually takes time to LISTEN! Symptoms that I thought made me weird or crazy they affirmed was a result of my MS and how it was choosing to attack. I feel so empowered now to fight MS head-on and with such a bada$$ medical team, how can I not succeed!

- C.M.

Best Doctors in the Nation

"They have some of the best doctors in the nation! Research, MRI, all in one place!"

- Anonymous