Gift of Securities

Secure Our Success and Maximize Your Investments Through the Gift of Securities

Welcome to Atlanta Neuroscience Foundation's platform for maximizing your investments through the gift of securities. By donating stocks, mutual funds, or bonds, you can make a significant impact on our mission to provide comprehensive neurological care.

seniors contributing from their IRA to ANF

IRA Charitable Roll Over

Individuals aged 70 ½ or older with an IRA account can simultaneously benefit our mission and receive tax advantages. Donors can contribute up to $100,000 annually from their IRA directly to ANF without incurring income taxes on their distribution.

seniors receiving tax benefits from donor advised fund

Donor Advised Fund

Explore the opportunity to combine favorable tax benefits with flexible support for ANF. A donor-advised fund allows you to manage your charitable contributions while supporting our mission. Allocate your fund now to make a lasting impact on neurological care and explore the benefits of this strategic giving option.

charitable gift annuity with piggy bank and heart

Charitable Gift Annuity

Support ANF while securing fixed payments for life through a charitable gift annuity. By establishing a charitable gift annuity, you can receive stable income while making a meaningful contribution to our cause. This option ensures sustained support for our comprehensive neurological care initiatives, benefiting patients and advancing research efforts.

donor including ANF in will, trust, or real estate plan

Leave a Lasting Legacy with a Planned Gift

Consider including ANF in your will, trust, or estate plan to leave a lasting legacy. By planning a legacy gift, you can ensure that your support for neurological care continues beyond your lifetime. Start planning your legacy gift today and explore the various options available to support our mission.

donor gifting real estate assets to ANF

Gift of Real Estate

Receive numerous tax benefits by gifting real estate assets to ANF. Whether it's a home, commercial property, or land, your contribution makes a tangible difference in advancing our mission. Explore the benefits of donating real estate and how your gift can support our efforts to provide comprehensive neurological care.

Maximize your investments and secure our success by donating securities to ANF today. Learn how to start your transfer and make a meaningful impact on neurological care. For assistance or inquiries, contact us to explore your options and support our mission of providing comprehensive neurological care.

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